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Productive At-Home Tips

No, we aren’t talking about cleaning out your pantry or organizing your sock drawer. During this forced stay-at-home time, we are personally taking some time to prioritize items that have been on our “to-do-when-we-have-time” lists. Here’s a few ideas that might get you started!

  1. De-Clutter Your Inbox – This can actually reduce stress levels! We challenge you to reduce the number of items in your inbox by deleting and even taking the time to unsubscribe from emails that don’t serve you!
  2. Learn A New Skill – Or brush up on existing skills! Perhaps take a virtual music class, learn French, or heck, master Excel!
  3. Network! EVERYTHING is happening online right now. Seek out some professional groups to join and generate some conversations. Check out Facebook or LinkedIn, there’s a group for everything!
  4. Break-Up With Bills – Have you been meaning to cancel your cable? Are there apps on your phone that are charging you monthly but you haven’t logged in for six months? Or that CRM or productivity subscription that you haven’t set up yet. Save some green and ditch them!
  5. Cook! With many restaurants closed right now, going out is not an option! While of course you can get take out, delight family members with a new recipe! It’s fun, therapeutic and healthy!